Jumbo Turkey Leg – 43 Days Until Disney!

In yesterday’s countdown photo, I mentioned that while the rest of the family was off riding the Kali River Rapids, Sophie and I were off to the Trilo Bites picking up a Jumbo Turkey Leg for Sophie.  I had one earlier, and Sophie liked it so much she wanted to get one of her own!  So off we went to get the turkey leg, and let me tell you, when Sophie got the turkey leg, she went to town on it!  It was so funny watching my 10 year old walking down the path at Animal Kingdom with this huge turkey leg in her hand — I’ll tell you that we had quite a few conversations with people who were looking at her!  We even had one family, similar to our group, with multiple generations represented, who had the Patriarch of the family kidding with Sophie about how he should help her with that because there was no way she would be able to eat it all!

But, other than the bite or two that I had, my girl was hungry, and ate all of that turkey leg!

This post is also being presented in conjunction with my friend Deb’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  Please check out her site, and also check out the other amazing photos that other great bloggers have to show you!

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    Great pic! I've never had a turkey leg (I don't eat meat on the bone) but my hubby and FIL had one and they said they were fantastic!

    Bitten by the Disney Bug

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    We have not ventured to try a turkey leg yet, but you will see it in an upcoming post in our countdown too – after watching Unwrapped (the episode about WDW) on Food Network, Joey cannot wait to try one! Looks like Sophie is enjoying it! :-)

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    Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Our turkey leg is limited to one per trip, if that often, so we certainly don't need one that often. I remembered after I wrote the piece that the reason Sophie was able to eat it all was because it was like 1:30 PM that afternoon, and we hadn't taken time to even get a snack, so she was famished!

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    Thanks for all the great comments, everyone! That Turkey Leg is worth it, in my opinion! We only need one in general per trip, and then we've had our fix of it for that vacation! :)