Disney Dining Review: Pinocchio Village Haus

The Pinocchio Village Haus is one of my favorite counter service restaurants. No reservations required, good food, a nice atmosphere, a view of one of our favorite rides in “it’s a small world” and great memories have made Pinocchio Village Haus a restaurant that we try to enjoy every time we visit.

With it’s proximity in Fantasyland, the Village Haus is often a busy restaurant, especially during the summer months.  As such, you might want to plan your eating times to be a little off from the normal lunch or dinner dining times.  Maybe have your afternoon snack at noon or something, and plan on eating your lunch at a different time.

Pinocchio Village Haus has a good assortment of Italian type dishes, including a meatball sub, individual size pizzas (which I think are quite tasty), salads, but also chicken tenders.  Also, they have Sophie’s favorite meal in the world — PB&J!

I highly recommend this restaurant, both for the food and the great atmosphere that you can experience!

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