Disney Dining Review: Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner at 1900 Park Fare

Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner at 1900 Park Fare is a one table service restaurant located at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  We took Sophie there during the week we celebrated her seventh birthday!  We had never eaten there, and truth be told, we haven’t eaten there since.  Our reservation was for dinner.

1900 Park Fare has a standard buffet for dinner, very similar to what you will find at a restaurant like The Crystal Palace.  However, what makes 1900 Park Fare special is that it is one of the few restaurants where you can get autographs and pictures with Cinderella (the others being Cinderella’s Royal Table and Princess Storybook Dining.)

In addition to Cinderella, you also get to meet Prince Charming, the wicked step-mother, and the evil step-sisters!  Part of the charm of 1900 Park Fare is that part of the dining experience is when Prince Charming and Cinderella dance in the dining hall, as seen in this picture.

I enjoyed 1900 Park Fare except for the step-mother and the step-sisters.  That one sentence speaks volumes about how well they played their parts!  They kept asking Sophie — because she had on her Happy Birthday button — whether that day was actually her birthday or was she lying about it?  When we explained that her birthday was in a few days, they said “So you were lying!”  However, they explained that they would have done that also!

Sophie wasn’t really all that pleased with the step-mother and step-sisters, and because she wasn’t pleased, neither was I!  However, like I said earlier, it is a measure of how well they played their roles that the step-mother and step-sisters were so unlikeable!  As you will see when you look at these photos, Sophie was smiling, but she wasn’t all that comfortable with having her picture with them!

To her credit, one of the step-sisters (I can’t remember which one now) did, I think, pick-up on Sophie being uncomfortable, because she seemed to soften her tone just a bit when she said that she would have said it was her birthday too to get the free cupcake!

So will we eat here again?  I’m not sure.  On the one hand, the food is good, even if it isn’t (or wasn’t then) all that different from your typical Disney buffet.  However, it was great to be able to visit with Cinderella and Prince Charming.  But the flip side is that we just aren’t fans of the step-mother and the step-sisters.

My gut feeling is that we won’t eat there again; I think we can get a great character meal, even with Cinderella, at Princess Storybook Dining (although the Princesses do vary there from time to time) or bite the bullet and eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  So I just don’t think we’ll eat here again.  But you tell me, what do you think?  Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner — yea or nay?  These last pictures might be really the only reason why we would eat here again.

So tell me in the comments, have you eaten here?  If so, would you eat here again?  And lastly, what did you think of your experience at Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner?

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  1. Kelly says

    What an interesting take on this Mike. While I have not been there before I would say that I would not like this either. Maybe my dreams of a Disney Villains dining experience is not such a good idea…I never thought of it this way. 


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