Wordless Wednesday – January Calendar Shot


This picture was taken in January, 2001, when Cindy and I “ate our way around Disney!”

Hello, and welcome to the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  My friend Deb from Focused on the Magic is the host for this weekly series, and this week, the theme is our January Calendar Shot!  Thanks Deb for always hosting this for us to join in!

Here in North Carolina, January is often a cold, rainy month — with the occasional snow or ice event.  As a result, I wanted to try and capture something at Disney that would reflect the January landscape, but I wasn’t very successful.  What I ended up with was the picture above, which was taken in January, 2001, when Cindy and I “ate our way through Disney!”  It was at this trip that Cindy was pregnant with our daughter Sophie, so we weren’t able to enjoy the high-octane rides like the roller coasters and things like that.  We had a long weekend, so we took it easy, rode the tamer rides, and ate at a wide variety of restaurants, including Cinderella’s Royal Table — where we were able to get a day of reservation that morning for lunch — and also Liberty Tree Tavern, where Cindy found out about my crush with Minnie Mouse!


Wow, do we look young or what!

Caught on Film!

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    Great shots Mike! We love The Liberty Tree Tavern and my husband was also smitten with Minnie, lol. Thanks for sharing and for joining in the Disney WW Blog Hop fun today.

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    Looks and sounds like a great time. You were lucky to get into Cinderella’s Royal Table on the same day! We’ve never eaten there.

    Happy New Year!


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